Kezzardrix 神田 竜
アルスエレクロニカ Award of Distinction を受賞したSjQ++をはじめ、ブラックメタルユニット VMO、比嘉了との HEXPIXELSなどジャンルを横断して活動している。
プログラマ集団backspace tokyoのメンバ。
2016年よりHIP LAND MUSIC内のクリエイティブ室に所属。

Kezzardrix / Ryo KandaI have worked on live visuals and music videos for a variety of artists, both domestic and international, using programming expression. 
I also support contemporary art such as stage and installation, digital signage and application development.
I am active across genres, including SjQ++, which won the Ars Elektronica Award of Distinction,
the black metal unit VMO, and HEXPIXELS with Ryo Higa.
I am a member of the programmer collective backspace tokyo.
I have been a member of the creative office within HIP LAND MUSIC since 2016.

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